accordion-arrow-blue How long has Russell Standard been in the road construction and repair business?
Russell Standard has been providing quality road construction materials and services since 1929.
accordion-arrow-blue Does Russell Standard only do business in Pennsylvania?
No. Russell Standard is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA but also serves customers in Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.
accordion-arrow-blue Does Russell Standard have any manufacturing capabilities?
Yes, we have seven asphalt emulsion plants that produce high-quality, high-value materials for the paving industry.
accordion-arrow-blue What types of products does Russell Standard manufacture?
We produce a variety of anionic and cationic asphalt emulsions, specialty asphalt products for use in applications such as tack coat, chip seal, slurry seal, fog seal and prime coat. We also prepare cutback and polymer modified asphalts, as well as cold and hot asphalt mixes.
accordion-arrow-blue What are some technology innovations Russell Standard has within its products and services?
We have developed several products to satisfy our customers’ ever-changing needs such as a cationic, surface repair emulsion (Co-Ag 1031) that virtually eliminates bleeding on roads. In addition, we have licensed the FiberMat® surface sealing system from Midland Asphalt Materials and we have partnered with QPR® on preparing high-performance cold patch materials.
accordion-arrow-blue What differentiates Russell Standard from its competition?
In addition to high-quality, high-performance products, Russell Standard offers unmatched technical support and service after the sale. Our field experts are available virtually around the clock to provide technical assistance and troubleshooting tips. We also offer in-field and in-plant training to ensure proper use and handling of our products.
accordion-arrow-blue How does Hammaker East, Ltd. relate to Russell Standard Corporation?
Hammaker East, Ltd. and Hammaker East Emulsions, LLC are subsidiaries of Russell Standard Corporation.