Maryland State Highway Approves JASA HP Cold Patch

After a lengthy field trial, Maryland State Highway Administration recently approved the Russell Standard/Hammaker East JASA High Performance Cold Patch (JASA HP) for use. JASA HP is currently approved by DOT’s in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

What makes JASA HP unique is how it was specifically engineered for the harsh winters and freeze/thaw cycles common to the Mid-Atlantic Region. It incorporates a specific grade of asphalt with an advanced adhesion promoter and anti-strip engineered to produce a permanent patch. The adhesion promoter and anti-strip allows the material to coat 100 percent regardless of the aggregate’s moisture content, and be mixed in a pugmill or in an asphalt plant with no heat.  The finished product remains workable in the most extreme temperatures, yet becomes a permanent repair when applied properly to a damaged road surface.

JASA HP Cold Patch Sample

JASA HP Sample

Pugmills – A Great Alternative for Producing JASA HP

Reliable Contracting Co. Inc. has been producing JASA HP regularly and recently produced 1,000 tons of JASA HP at their Waugh Chapel, MD location. Reliable Contracting chose to utilize a Hammaker East portable pugmill for the efficiency and convenience of the unit. During production, regular testing is performed on the finished material to ensure it meets all specifications: 1) is fully coated, 2) shows strong adhesion, 3) has good workability, and 4) does not strip when mixed in water. Many producers, like Reliable Contracting, find pugmills are a good alternative to mixing the material in their asphalt plant for a number of reasons:

  1. The producer is only paying for the finished material, so there is no need to worry about mixing percentages, temperature or troubleshooting plant issues.
  2. Using a pugmill leaves their plants open and available to produce hot asphalt.
  3. Energy and personnel costs associated with producing the material in a plant are often higher than producing the material ambient through a portable pugmill.
  4. A pugmill completely eliminates the liabilities associated with mixing a cutback material in the plant and the risk of exceeding the flash point.

Whether it’s patching a pothole or filling a utility cut, JASA HP is just another example of how Russell Standard and Hammaker East are ‘Improving Communities Through Better Infrastructure.’