North Huntingdon Township Finds Success in FiberMat®

Expands Project for Four Years

In 2014, the Township of North Huntingdon, PA, contracted with Russell Standard to apply FiberMat to prevent reflective cracking and extend the life of township road investments. FiberMat can be used as a standalone maintenance tool as a fiber reinforced seal coat using CRS-2PM emulsion, or as an interlayer combined with applications such as Microsurcfacing and Hot Mix Paving to name a few.

The initial findings of this first project proved successful. FiberMat-treated township roads withstood last year’s harsh winter and produced such positive results that North Huntingdon Twp., included FiberMat as part of their 5 year road maintenance program.

In a Pittsburgh Tribune article date July 30, 2014, Richard Albert, North Huntingdon’s Director of Public Works, explained the initial investment for FiberMat is roughly 10 percent more than a traditional tar and chip process, but offers long-term savings since FiberMat roadways should not require any maintenance for eight years. This means savings on material purchases, road crew costs and community frustrations.

To learn how FiberMat can extend the life of roads in your community, please contact a Russell Standard Sales Representative.