Potholes… meet JASA HP

JASA HP is our highest-grade, best-performing cold patch, designed for extreme weather conditions. The finished material can be used in all temperature ranges and works well in water. Recently, we talked with our JASA HP expert Brian Kleist to share insight into what makes JASA HP unique and why this option is something you should consider for your next pothole repair project.

What sets JASA HP apart from other cold patch products?
Designed to actually like water, JASA HP was specifically engineered for the harsh freeze/thaw cycles common to the Mid-Atlantic. It incorporates a specific grade of asphalt with an advanced adhesion promoter and anti-strip designed to produce a permanent patch, which allows the material to coat 100% regardless of moisture.

Does it need heat during mixing?
No, materials can be mixed in a pugmill requiring no heat, either on-site or in an asphalt plant. Using ambient temperatures reduces the overall investment to produce the finished product by eliminating energy costs incurred to heat the aggregate.

 How is it sold?
JASA HP is sold by the pound or the gallon (just the oil). We also have the ability to supply a portable pugmill to produce the finished product on-site. Included in our pugmill rentals is the expertise of one of our engineers on-site for quality testing and ensuring the aggregate supplied will work effectively.

Why would someone want to use a pugmill?
A pugmill is a self-contained unit, appealing for a number of reasons. For example, using a pugmill leaves the plant open and available for normal production. It also eliminates liabilities associated with producing cutback material in a hot mix plant and the risk of exceeding the flash point.

How long is the shelf life of unused JASA HP?
JASA HP, in its finished product state, is workable up to a year.

What is the lifespan of used JASA HP?
As long as JASA HP has been applied properly, it is a permanent repair, since the surface of the material completely cures.

What advantage does JASA HP have over its competition?
Besides being a superior product that works well in water and is engineered for extreme temperatures, JASA HP has no third party sourcing. Since we are the manufacturer, you have the ability to purchase directly from us, resulting in a quality product at a great price.


JASA HP is approved for use in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland and exceeds all DOT specifications. The material is engineered to coat multiple aggregates and can be custom blended. To learn more about JASA HP, please contact your sales representative.