A Russell Standard surfaced sealing system, FiberMat is the ultimate crack inhibiting membrane process. This patented process combines polymer modified asphalt emulsion with chopped glass fiber strands to create a membrane that absorbs stresses and therefore delays cracking. This process can be used as an aggregate covered wearing surface or as a stress absorbing membrane interlayer when covered with an asphalt overlay. Russell Standard holds the FiberMat license through Colas Solutions.

FiberMat benefits:

  • Reduces reflective cracking and extends pavement life
  • Increases road tensile strength and flexibility
  • Makes traffic-ready roadways within 30 minutes
  • Applies to all traffic volumes
  • Bonds well to concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • A PennDOT approved system – eligible for liquid fuels funds
  • A NCDOT approved system

Project Portfolio: Road life extended on U.S. 64 with FiberMat