Polymerized Asphalt Surface Sealer, or PASS, is an emulsion of a highly elastic polymer modified blend of a rejuvenation agent and asphalt. With enhanced low and high temperature properties, PASS resists low temperature cracking, as well as maintains and restores asphalt pavements without cracking or bleeding. Russell Standard is the only contractor in Pennsylvania to offer the licensed and patented, asphalt emulsion PASS.

Combining the unique characteristics of PASS with readily available aggregate and a specially designed drag broom, Russell Standard has the ability to offer scrub seal. This process provides an economical treatment that fills cracks, rejuvenates worn asphalt pavement and provides a durable wearing course. Scrub seal is accomplished with a single procedure – often at a considerable lower cost than conventional crack sealing operations – and provides a membrane with resistance to reflective cracking.

PASS and Scrub Seal benefits:

  • Rejuvenates asphalt and extends the life of pavement regardless of its lifecycle stage
  • Seals asphalt
  • Fills cracks
  • Provides a durable wearing course
  • Resists future cracking
  • Provides a membrane to resist reflective cracking